Bretonnian Teams in Blood Bowl
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In the fair land of Bretonnia arrogant Bretonnian nobles and their most trusted Squires are questing for an alternative grail - the coveted Bloodweiser trophy. All too convinced of their own skill, the young knights fill out their team with lineman levy, drafted from the many local and remarkably incompetent all-peasant teams.

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Normal Double
0-16  Linemen 40,000 6 3 2 7  Fend G ASP
0-4  Squires 70,000 6 3 3 8  Wrestle GS AP
0-4  Blitzers 110,000 7 3 3 8  Block, Catch, Dauntless GAP S
0-8 Re-roll counters: 70,000 gold pieces each.

Star players in BB2: Dolfar Longstride 150K, Willow Rosebark 150K, Mighty Zug 260K, Zara the Slayer 270K, Griff Oberwald 320K, Morg 'n' Thorg 430K
Star players in NAF Tournaments: Dolfar Longstride 150K, Willow Rosebark 150K, Karla von Kill 220K, Mighty Zug 260K, Zara the Slayer 270K, Griff Oberwald 320K, Morg 'n' Thorg 430K
Star Players in League play: Joseph "The Meatshield" Cottier 110K, Willow Rosebark 150K, Willem Tollet 160K, Karla von Kill 220K, Mighty Zug 260K, Jaqueline de Rochelle 280K, The Leo Ignis of Athel Loren 290K, Griff Oberwald 320K, Jules de Bergerac 320K, Morg 'n' Thorg 430K

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Questing for the Grail
Today, blood bowl is a very well respected sport in Breto
nnia. It is considered a great test of martial skill, and is considered equal to jousting, in preparing nobles for the rigours of war. Every baron wants his own team, and it is considered a great honour indeed to compete in the royal court leagues. Even fair damsels, who set the errants for budding young knights, have started to request "the scoring of many touchdowns".
But this is not
, how it has always been.

In the early days of Blood Bowl, the Bretonnian nobility disdained it as a sport for the filthy peasantry and lesser nations. This was only changed by a mistake on the part of Jean Pierre Sansfortune - a brave, but unlucky, questing knight. Roaming the grey mountains, he heard of a huge grail adorned with skulls, held in the imperial city of Altdorf. This was surely the grail, he thought.

Jean Pierre travelled to Altdorf, and learned of the terrible ordeal he had to endure in order to lay hands on the grail, a trial worthy of the bravest knight - and so he joined the Reikland Reavers. For many years he struggled, until finally one day, he lead (well, sort of) his team to victory at Blood Bowl XI. Imagine Jean Pierre's disappointment when he finally held the grail, for there was no liquid in it from which to sip, and no lady of the lake to present it to him. Shattered and disgraced he quit the team, to return to his native Brionne.

However, on the first night of his journey home, he had a true visitation from the lady of the lake. She granted him her favour, for succeeding in his arduous quest. Back in Bretonnia he was greeted a hero, and since that day, the 4 major Blood Bowl trophies have been considered worthy alternatives to the grail itself. Now, young aristocrats out to earn a name for themselves will often form a team with a handful of likeminded nobles and their most trusted yeomen - and some useless peasant levy from local all-peasant teams to take care off the less glorious aspects of the game. Many an errant knight has proven his mettle in the Bretonnian leagues - and the most succesful ones will proceed to quest for one of the coveted Blood Bowl grails.


Bretonnian Players

Artwork by Knut Rockie, 2012