NTBBL feed http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN http://www.rssboard.org/rss-specification Mon, 23 Jul 2018 15:32:10 +0200 OBBLM 0.97 SVN Match: Anagram Manarag (0) vs. Thighhigh Thunder (2) After numerous deaths and injuries decimated the team, the core players came back with a vengeance and nuffle shinned upon them with nice dice rolls. They were able to take a 2-0 lead and hung on to it thanks to the plucky play of the 6 journeymen on the roster. http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Thu, 19 Jul 2018 20:25:37 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1532024737 Match: Northern Crushers (0) vs. Snottown Crushers (1) A close game that the Snotlings were barely able to hang on to. First half saw the dwarves pushing the ogres back before the ball carrier stepped close to the sideline and an ogre broke a tackle and was able to push the dwarf out of bounds and sending the ball with him. The crowd helped the ogres with a long pass of the ball close to a snotling who wasted no time grabbing it and running for the endzone. His sure feet keep him from stumbling on the goal line as the buzzer sounded for the end of the first half. In the second half the ogres pushed to make it 2-0 but couldn't move the dwarfs. With all the guard and block, the dwarves stopped the drive completely but weren't able to free the ball in time to get the equalizer... http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Thu, 19 Jul 2018 16:39:27 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1532011167 Match: No Gain No Pain (2) vs. The Turkeys of Doom (0) In the deciding game to decide who makes it into the bloodbowl the elven players crumbled under pressure failing dodges, gfi's and blocks throughout the first half giving up a defensive touchdown after failing a GFI for a turn 3 TD. The Chaos Dwarves were able to march up the pitch in the second half and the elves couldn't steal the ball. The Chaos Dwarves had such an easy time they didn't use their wizard. http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Sat, 14 Jul 2018 11:08:12 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1531559292 Match: Morgul Maniacs (2) vs. Steel Remingtons (0) The final league match for the Maniacs ended up as a short one. Eventhough the Dwarfs deathroller smashed a mummy, Morgul Maniacs managed to breake the Remmingtons defensive line, quite fast, and got in the lead. Luckily the Necromancer managed to assemble the Mummy once again, and he was back on the field for 2nd drive. Now the dwarfs did only have 9 man available, and a lucky punch from a witch leaves 8 dwarfs for the rest of the game. After a short while Remmington coach decided to call the game in turn 6, and leave early - just before the massive undead horde would have destroyed the poor dwarfs…... http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Mon, 09 Jul 2018 14:37:11 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1531139831 Match: Delting (1) vs. The Iron Ladies (0) A crazy game where both teams were strugling with dodges, GFI and trying to pick up the ball.A lot of injuries and KOs on both sides which left only a few players on the field from both teams at the end. The Ladies had a clear path to score to draw the game but the final whistle was went and saved Delting, given them the win. Thanks for the game, sorry about all the SI http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Fri, 06 Jul 2018 20:09:34 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1530900574 Match: The Mighty Blow's (0) vs. Dark Side of the Pitch (2) The Dark Elves scored easily but took some lumps. The Norse tried to counter score and had a couple of bad dice which prevented it but were significantly up on players. The dark elves though down players attacked the ball carrier from the second half kick off and the Norse lost the momentum and lost some critical players. The hilarious turning point of the game involved a blitzer who was carrying the ball having to frenzy away a sidestepping marker, being led into a one dice follow up skull block which KO'd the carrier and the ball bounced into the hands of the defender sealing the game. The apothecaries worked hard this game saving the lives of two key players http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Thu, 05 Jul 2018 16:00:37 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1530799237 Match: GlamRok Clan (2) vs. Sizzling Bacon (0) A game of two halves, and terrible KO rolls. The first half the orcs received, and heroic leaping again and again spilled the ball on the ground. Slowly the orcs managed to get closer, KO'ing frogs as they went, but eventually the only option left was a handoff to a black orc who had to GFI to the endzone. A '1' later and it was 0-0 at halftime. None of the frogs came back from KO's, so 11 orcs matched up against 6 frogs, and that was it, 2-0 to the orcs. http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Thu, 05 Jul 2018 14:04:58 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1530792298 Match: Temple of Doom (1) vs. Mohagany Mohawks (1) Game called a little early as the referee scarpered before he was maimed. Fun until then! http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Tue, 03 Jul 2018 20:54:03 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1530644043 Match: Morgul Maniacs (1) vs. Brutal Deluxe (1) Brutal Deluxe blew a great chance to take the lead on defence by a coaching bonehead, but nuffle bailed them out for a scrambled late equaliser! Great game! http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Tue, 03 Jul 2018 16:29:41 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1530628181 Match: Force Majeure (2) vs. Testery (1) Hard fought match, where Testery's inability to inflict casualties (except on their scray first turn) meant that they were ever so slowly edged out of the match. Things started well for Testery when they removed 2 players from the LOS, and started their long scoring drive. Force Majeure tried their best to stop them, but over committed to one side and never quite caught up. They did Mount enough pressure to hurry the score, but were unable to score on their own to 2 turn drive. However, Testery were running out of Norsemen, so just like in the previous game, The Bretonnians decided to gamble. They scored in 2, and as just 1 of 4 Norsemen recovered from KO, and the Yeehtee was Struck with heat exhaustion, just 5 Norsemen started the final offense. With a failed first pick-up Things got really ugly, and in the end it the 10 Bretonnians overwhelemed the 3 Norsemen. Final score 2-1 - and Force Majeure have won Group F. http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Mon, 02 Jul 2018 12:40:25 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1530528025 Match: Orcdorp Posse (1) vs. Nubones (0) 1-0 walkover due to the disappearance of Mathieu. http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Sun, 01 Jul 2018 17:08:38 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1530457718 Match: Supervixen (1) vs. Soft and Cuddly (1) Man of the match for both teams: Soft and Cuddlys minotaur - the aptly named lord of skulls. The elves chose to play defense in the first half, and the lord of skulls punished them for that. Enough dark elves were fairly quickly dispatched, making the slow plod down the pitch about as safe as it ever gets against dark elfs. Lining up for second half, things looked rather grim for the 8 remaining dark elfs, and soon enough, they coughed up the ball. Soft and Cuddly just needed to get 1 TZ off the ball, and things would look pretty darn good. So the lord of skulls 3-dice-blitzed. Whammo. Turnover. And in a spectacular string of rolls. the dark elfs scored. Soft and Cuddly still had 4 turns to score the winner, but the single Tackle beastman imitated the minotaur and rolled up 4 both downs - and suddenly, it looked like the dark elfs could win it. However, having been out of rerolls for a while, the darkies failed to secure the ball, but Soft and Cuddly had burned enough turns that they'd have to rely on a pass to score - and that didn't end well. Final score: 1-1. http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Sun, 01 Jul 2018 17:06:03 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1530457563 Match: Itza Dino-Might (2) vs. The Turkeys of Doom (1) The Slann used a blitz on the kick off to steal the ball and keep it for the rest of the half before scoring at the half time whistle. The elves broke up the Slann offense, stole the ball and scored but the Slann counter scored to go up 2-1 The elves cleared space and got five receivers open in turn 7. The slann did what they could but the elves were able to facilitate a 2+ pass/2+ catch. The slann used pass block to leap and then dodge into three tackle zones which was just enough to cause the catcher to drop the ball http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Wed, 27 Jun 2018 23:08:53 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1530133733 Match: Tree Huggers (4) vs. Stockholm Bombers (1) The Tree Huggers are now getting use to the sweet taste of victory. The first half was pretty classic, with the Woodies scoring a quick TD, and the Stockholm Bombers then trying to play the slow game. But they had to live with the hard pressure of Bregalad, the Tree Huggers' treeman, and were forced to score in turn 7. The Woodies failed to see they had a chance at a one turn touchdown, and the first half ended with a draw, albeit with the Skaven seriously diminished. But the second half was Wardancer galore. Thanks to the lowered numbers of the Bombers, the Huggers managed to strip the Rats of the ball twice in a row. Pressed by the time, the Bombers tried and failed a pass, leaving the ball near the side line. Lithaldoren used a Gutter Runner to push the ball out of bounds and a very lucky touchback allowed the Tree Huggers to score their fourth TD in the very last round of the game. http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Sat, 23 Jun 2018 15:46:36 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1529761596 Match: The Avengers (3) vs. Cunning Stunts (0) Perfect Defence by the dwarves allowed them to avoid the secret weapons and then turn the game into a bloodbath, almost achieving a pitch clearance by half time. http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Sat, 23 Jun 2018 11:20:24 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1529745624 Match: Scrats (1) vs. Old World Kings (2) Scrats lost the ball early, and the Kings stalled and bashed up field, scoring in turn 7 (you never know with vamps!). Scrats recovered enough KO's including Mach1 Mouse and scored a 1turner making it look easy. The vamps stalled and bashed again, this time in the extreme wet (those dirty rats put a sprinkler on). On turn 15 it all went horribly wrong, a failed bloodlust resulted in the ball carrier going into an exposed space and having to use a punt card to move the ball to create a foot race. The skaven got the ball but the vampires did vampire things and stole the ball an passed for the TD. The Kings spent around 15 minutes watching the replay of the first one turn TD trying to work out how you stop an AG6 gutter runner before deciding on a set up. The crowd were clearly upset and rioted giving the rats two turns to score, however they panicked under pressure and fumbled the ball. The vampires were able to shut down all the scoring options to seal the win. http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Fri, 22 Jun 2018 09:00:30 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1529650830 Match: The Mighty Blow's (1) vs. Memes (1) A brutal game. Both teams did a lot of damage. The Norse scored and the Pact would have scored had the passer not stepped out of the snow trolls disturbing presence which lead to a wolf interception and a 1-0 lead at half time. The pact scored fairly easily in four turns and the Norse were a bit depleted and failed their turn 15 breakthrough attempt. The Pact would have scored again if not for animosity. http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Thu, 21 Jun 2018 13:45:24 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1529581524 Match: Great Danes (2) vs. Steel Remingtons (0) Big win for the vikings, despite only having 4 men left by the end. Also, made a silly mistake of forgetting that journeymen are not automatically added, so played with 10 men from start, d'oh! http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Thu, 14 Jun 2018 02:45:24 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1528937124 Match: Cunning Stunts (1) vs. Short Stuff Stealers (1) Battle of the stunties. Pretty brutal game with two dead flings and another 5 put in the CAS box, the trees managed to inflict 5 CASs on the gobbos too, sticking up for their little buddies. http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Tue, 12 Jun 2018 20:35:07 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1528828507 Match: Cosa Nosferatu (0) vs. Snottown Crushers (3) Thanks to brilliant tactics and to Nuffle support, the Snottown Crushers win the game with a crushing 3-0. It seems that the smell of the Snotlings' blood on the pitch gave blood lust fever to the Vampires, soon depleting their number of Thralls and making them wander around the pitch, their fangs bared. http://plasmoids.dk/pbem Fri, 08 Jun 2018 19:16:00 +0200 http://plasmoids.dk/pbemindex.php?1528478160