Thighhigh Thunder

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Thighhigh Thunder roster 

3Faeloniel Rivermire
player avatarLineman
7347Dodge, WrestleMNG0301221110k
10Golden Tater
player avatarCatcher
8247Catch, Dodge, Sprint00000090k
2Mongephor Pineblossom
player avatarLineman
9Randy Softmoss
player avatarCatcher
8247Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Nerves of Steel1200217140k
12Wardancer 2
player avatarWar Dancer
8347Dodge, Leap, Fend, Block1202116130k
11Carandolon Rainmaker
player avatarWar Dancer
8347Dodge, Leap, Fend, Block, Strip Ball3306129150k
1Woody Mountainvale
player avatarThrower
7357Pass, +1 Ag13000118130k

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Team info and statistics
Coach basementdweller
Race Wood Elf
League NTBBL
Division pbem
Ready Yes
TV 900k
Treasury 260k
Apothecary Yes
Re-roll 2
Fan factor 2
Assistant Coach 0
Cheerleader 0

Played 10
WIN% 50.0%
ELO 201.98
W/L/D 5/5/0
W/L/D Streaks 2/2/0
Won tours 0
Latest tour Season 12 Group C
Tours played Season 12 Group C, Season 11 A
Prizes None
Is famous No

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