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Scrats roster 

player avatarLineman
6337Kick, Block-1 Ma010321990k
player avatarLineman
7337Tackle1 Ni00011770k
player avatarLineman
6436Block, Frenzy, Dodge, Mighty Blow, +1 St-1 Ma, -1 Av06014676200k
player avatarLineman
22Rufus Redvenom
player avatarBlitzer
7438Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Juggernaut, +1 St04219789220k
29Barbed Baz
player avatarBlitzer
6337Block, Guard, Mighty Blow-1 Ma, -1 Av0100318130k
44Dead-eyed Ravros
player avatarThrower
7336Pass, Sure Hands, Leader, Block-1 Av6100219110k
player avatarGutter Runner
9247Dodge, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Horns, +1 Ma-1 Ma, 1 Ni21700158180k
66Speedy Gonzales
player avatarGutter Runner
10247Dodge, Block, Side Step, Sprint, +1 Ma51401574170k
player avatarGutter Runner
10247Dodge, Wrestle, Strip Ball, Dauntless, +1 Ma01600153170k

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Team info and statistics
Coach Alster
Race Skaven
League NTBBL
Division pbem
Ready Yes
TV 1780k
Treasury 50k
Apothecary Yes
Re-roll 4
Fan factor 10
Assistant Coach 0
Cheerleader 0

Played 60
WIN% 59.2%
ELO 290.36
W/L/D 28/17/15
W/L/D Streaks 4/5/2
Won tours 1
Latest tour The Blood Bowl - Second series
Tours played Season 14 Group E, Season 15 Group F, Season 16 Group G, Season 17 Group E, Season 18 Group D, Free For All, The Blood Bowl - First series, The Blood Bowl - Second series, dummy, Season 7 Group H, Season 9 Group G, Season 10 F, Season 11 F, Season 12 Group F, Season 13 Group F
Prizes None
Is famous No

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